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Summer Fancy Food Show '08,
Food411's Best Food Finds!

Several football fields of foods and samples — Over the past few years we have developed our strategy, and were ready to "tackle" the task at hand. The New York Javits Center was alive and sizzling with excitement; showcasing all the foods that will be hitting the store shelves this year. Each year we reduce the size of each sample that we taste to allow us to taste as much as possible! Once again we were unable to fit them all in. In the near future, we anticipate receiving samples of the items that caught our interest but we were unable to taste at the show. As we taste them we will bring the results of these to you. We did sample hundreds of products, below are our "touchdowns"...


Das Food’s fleur de sel handmade caramelsDas Food’s fleur de sel handmade caramels. — These handmade French caramels are pure delight. We loved the bite size portions and the innovative flavors. Made with das food’s own fleur de sel and locally produced butter, cream and honey. Very sophisticated taste.

The Daphne Baking CompanyThe Daphne Baking Company — Luxurious thaw and serve, home baked, all natural tarts. 6 varieties, a great idea for a dinner party or keep a pack in the freezer for an individual treat. If you don’t have a great French bakery in your neighborhood — this is the answer.


The idea pairing for true tea lovers. Biscottea are real shortbread squares with tea baked into them. Organic and all natural. 5 tea flavors. We tried the Mint Tea, very good, but we wished we had our cup of tea with them!


sweetriotsweetriot —What is not to love about this product. A classy reusable tin with teeny tiny cacao nibs covered in 3 different intensities of chocolate. Each piece is only 1-2 calories, even if you get carried away and down the entire tin, not to worry, it will only cost you 140 calories. They will satisfy your chocolate cravings without any guilt – and they are delicious.

Adironack CreameryAdironack Creamery — All natural ice cream made the old fashion way. Hormone free cream and milk, sugar and egg yolks – nothing else. 8 flavors, we savored the Whiteface mint dreamy.

Wild HibiscusWild Hibiscus — This is just a fun “wow” product for your next special occasion. These exquisite Wild Hibiscus Flowers are a beautiful garnish in Champagne. The flower sits at the bottom of the glass, and the bubbles slowly open up the flower. At the end of the drink you can eat the flower - it has a delicious raspberry and rhubarb flavor. Each jar containing 11 Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup with cocktail guide on the lid.

Custom Better BakesBetter Bakes — From Immaculate Baking Company. Ready to bake organic cookie dough. Think slice and bake only with good ingredients, and just bake no need to slice! 5 flavors: we sampled the peanut butter and it was yummy.



Cypress Grove ChevreCypress Grove Chevre — While their entire line of cheeses are winners, we must give kudos to Purple Haze. This fresh goat cheese disk is complemented by lavender and fennel pollen which adds an herbal, mildly sweet flavor to the acidity in the cheese- it is really a standout.

Coach FarmCoach Farm Goat Cheese — Their grating stick is a unique idea for goat cheese. They age and dry their goat cheese to create these grating sticks which can be used in the same manner as parmesan.

ChobaniChobani Greek Yogurt — Look for this product in stores soon. All natural Greek yogurt with real fruit on the bottom. Greek yogurt offers much higher protein, and is thicker and creamier. Our sample was the peach and it was delicious.

Sauces’ n LoveSauces’ n Love — Hands down the best prepared tomatoes sauces and pesto. Fresh, real vibrant HOMEMADE flavors. Also loved their new Chimichurri Sauce. They create two lines, a refrigerated product using the Sauces ‘n Love label, and a shelf-stable line called Scarpetta. Both are outstanding. Their packaging also deserves a nod - the sauces can be microwaved in their heavy, reusable, plastic containers. Hot sauce, better than even many homemades and no pot to clean. We are in love!

Port Clyde Lobster Mac & CheesePort Clyde Lobster Mac & Cheese — From Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co. We have raved about them many times. When we first discovered them they were a small company but their growth has not effected the very high quality of their products. This dish is wonderful. Creamy mascarpone and cheddar sauce with shell pasta and chunks (yes chunks) of Maine lobster, topping has lemon zest which adds a welcome touch. Gourmet comfort food at its finest.

Linda’s Gourmet LatkesLinda’s Gourmet Latkes — Having a yen for latkes but don’t feel like all the hard work of making them. Linda’s latkes have the same homemade taste and come frozen in a box. Just heat and eat. These are by far the best frozen we have ever tasted and she makes them large size or bite size for appetizers.

Savory ChoiceSavory Choice — This broth concentrate is the first we have ever tasted that actually tastes like homemade chicken broth. It is all natural, no additives. Packaged in tiny stick pouches, they are easy to store and use. Just mix with a cup of water for a cup of broth or use it full-strength as a seasoning to enhance the flavor in many dishes. Chicken, beef, turkey and vegetable.

City HarvestOnce again, canvassing this show was a "foodie’s" dream come true. We were very excited to hear that this year the wonderful organization CITY HARVEST was onsite at the close of the show to pack up over 120,000 pounds of food. Instead of going to waste, all these "leftovers" will be distributed to New York City’s needy. This idea deserves much applause, please consider supporting CITY HARVEST so they can continue to do this excellent work.

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